Our story

We are a young wholesale company with a passion for organic vegetables and fruit. As we work with a terrific team in marketing our terrific, genuine fresh produce, our name came to us very easily – The Organic Fresh Factory, or TOFF (Dutch for “Terrific”)! In 2014, our enthusiastic founders Jeffrey and Cees, who had worked at the same organic vegetable and fruit trading company for many years, decided to set up their own company. Their commercial and logistics talents in organic trading bless TOFF with an unparalleled expertise in the organic logistics chain. This might all seem to be a bit vague. So what, precisely, are we referring to? In a nutshell, a professional and efficient logistics chain that supplies of high-quality organic produce at attractive prices.

Old hands in the organic vegetable and fruit trade

Jeffrey and Cees are experienced vegetable and fruit traders. Jeffrey began selling vegetable and fruit at a early age: he built up an impressive career at various employers, in which he began as storeman and then moved on to the position of junior sales rep, account manager and, ultimately, organic sales manager at The Greenery. Cees has also been active with vegetables and fruit throughout his working life. He is driven by his attention to quality and his feeling for professional cultivation. He had his own greengrocers, and later joined The Greenery, where he set up a successful organic department with a focus on expert procurements of organic produce from the growers. This driven pair met each other at The Greenery, when they were in a phase in their lives in which they both had the ambition to start a company. They, with their individual expertise and their shared entrepreneurial spirit, are an ideal match – and this, in combination with their willingness to roll up their sleeves characteristic of the inhabitants of Rotterdam, laid the foundations for a successful formula: TOFF, The Organic Fresh Factory wholesale company

Our customer portfolio includes wholesalers, food services and European retailers. Our SKAL and BRC certification guarantee supplies of high-quality produce. We assign priority to the best price/quality ratio, because you deserve nothing less.

Professionalism in the organic chain

As no one can do everything perfectly, we have adopted the motto: ‘We do what we do perfectly!’ This is also the reason why we focus on a convenient range of traditional organic and fruit, as well as on forgotten vegetables. We have perfected our logistics chain and quality assurance into a smooth-running machine. We procure our produce direct from the fields of dedicated organic growers in Europe, and from a reliable partner for supplies of organic produce from overseas. Moreover, we are prepared to work with minimum stock levels of products with high stock turnover rates. Customers who place orders before 10 a.m. will receive deliveries of some types of organic vegetables and fruit on the same day. The great success of our formula is evident from the increasing number of customers for our appealing organic produce, customers who include slicing companies, smaller supermarkets, greengrocers, health-food stores, market stallholders, restaurants and online greengrocers and fruiterers. We now export 70% of our produce to many countries in Europe and elsewhere.

Does all this appeal to you? If so, procure your organic vegetables and organic fruit from TOFF! We are pleased to invite you to visit our distribution centre to see and taste our produce. Obviously, we are also pleased to come and visit you.