Our SKAL certified organic wholesale company is focused on high-quality organic produce and a year-round fresh range of many types of organic vegetables and organic fruit. All retailers, restaurant owners, supermarket proprietors, market stallholders and online shopkeepers can call on us, irrespective of their procurement volume. And why would you be wise to procure produce from us?

Quality – direct cooperation with organic growers

They might not always look as attractive as conventional produce, but servings of organic vegetables and fruit are more delicious and more nutritious. Moreover, organic produce is fitting with a more conscious lifestyle. As quality in the organic sector also varies, we procure our produce direct from the fields of dedicated European organic growers who receive regular visits from our specialists. Certified inspectors examine all pallets of vegetables and fruit on their arrival at our distribution centre to make sure that you always receive top-quality organic produce.

Convenient range – fresh throughout the year
Our ability to supply the most delicious and freshest organic produce is due to our focus on a convenient range of produce that we procure from a limited number of organic growers. We can supply most types of produce fresh throughout the year, irrespective of the European cultivation season. We can do so by virtue of our imports of produce including fresh organic apples, organic pears and organic pumpkins from Argentina, organic avocados from Mexico, organic kiwis from New Zealand and organic oranges and onions from Egypt which we source via our import partners.

Speed – expert import and export

We and our growers draw up cultivation programmes that give us certainty about the size of the crops. We then know exactly when and where we can procure our produce. Our smooth-running distribution system ensures that the supplies of pallets of organic vegetables and fruit are delivered to us in the Netherlands in the shortest possible time. We are prepared to work with a minimum stock level for a number of products with high stock turnover rates. We are then able to deliver orders placed before 10 a.m. in the Netherlands on the same day, and in most European countries on the next day.

Attractively priced – no intermediaries

We demonstrate that it is possible to offer organic vegetables and fruit at attractive prices. Our growers achieve high yields without needing to use pesticides or herbicides, and they can often harvest several crops a year. Working without intermediaries not only ensures that our products are delivered to our customers more quickly: our professional distribution system also enables us to keep the logistics costs low. We work with current prices for day trading. We also have a varying weekly produce range, weekly offers (view our weekly offer on the homepage) and a fixed seasonal range.

Call us for the current prices and allow yourself to be convinced of our amazingly low prices.

Service – focus on your wishes

Our customers have a direct influence on our growers’ cultivation programmes. When you purchase produce from us, you receive full information about the origin of your organic vegetables and fruit, together with the organic certification. In fact, you almost get the impression that you are purchasing your produce directly from an organic grower! This is also the reason why we do not require minimum orders. You can also purchase pallets of a variety of types of organic vegetables and fruit. We are aware that, unfortunately, we cannot exclude the possibility that a pallet of organic oranges, organic tomatoes or organic sweet peppers may contain some suboptimal produce. We will always, and in line with our wish to sell solely the best produce, issue you a credit note for any such suboptimal produce.

We would be really honoured to become your supplier of organic vegetables and fruit.

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