Our SKAL-certified organic wholesaler revolves around organic quality products and a year-round fresh range of many organic vegetables and fruit. Every retailer, restaurateur, supermarket owner, market trader, or online retailer can contact us, regardless of the purchasing volume. 
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Quality – direct collaboration with organic growers

Organic fruits and vegetables are tastier and more nutritious; not always nicer, but on the plate it's all about the taste. Moreover, organic products fit into a more conscious lifestyle. Qualities also differ in the organic sector. That's why we buy directly from the land from dedicated European organic growers, whom we visit regularly. In our distribution center all pallets with fruit and vegetables are checked by certified inspectors. This way we can guarantee the best organic products.

Clear range – fresh all year round

We can supply the tastiest and freshest organic products because we focus on a clear range that we purchase from a limited number of organic growers. We can supply most varieties fresh all year round. So outside the European growing seasons. For example, we import fresh organic apples, organic pears and organic pumpkins from Argentina, organic avocados from Mexico, organic kiwis from New Zealand, and organic oranges and organic onions from Egypt.

Speed – professional import and export

We make cultivation programs together with our growers to be sure of the yields. This way we know exactly when we can buy our organic products where. With a well-oiled distribution system, we get the pallets of organic fruit and vegetables in the Netherlands in no time. Here we dare to maintain a basic stock with a high turnover rate for a number of products. As a result, we can deliver an order that is received before 10 a.m. the same day in the Netherlands. In most European countries the next day.

Attractively priced – no intermediaries

We prove that great prices are possible for organic fruit and vegetables. Our growers also achieve high yields without pesticides, often several harvests per year. Without intermediaries, our products not only reach our customers faster. We also keep logistics costs low with our professional distribution. We use daily prices for day trading. In addition, we have a varying weekly offer, weekly offers (view our weekly offer on the homepage) and a fixed seasonal assortment.

Service – your wishes central

Our customers have a direct influence on the cultivation programs of our growers. When you buy from us, you receive all information about the origin of your organic fruit and vegetables, including the organic certificates. It almost feels like buying yourself from an organic grower. We therefore have no minimum orders. You can also purchase mixed pallets with different organic fruit and vegetables from us. We know that a pallet of organic oranges, a pallet of organic tomatoes or a pallet of organic peppers sometimes contains an inferior product. Because we only want to sell the best products, you will always receive a credit note for inferior products.

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TOFF PROMISE Deliver beautiful organic quality products very quickly at attractive prices. How? With the best organic growers and a well-oiled logistics chain. That's our strength!

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